We’re a San Francisco Bay Area native (Heather) and a Michigander (John) who’s now been a Bay Area resident longer than he was a Michigan one. We live in San Jose, in the South Bay Area.

After spending so many anniversaries and getaways in Sonoma County, and particularly around the beautiful Russian River area near the coast, we were lucky enough to buy Ananda, an established vacation rental home in the river town of Monte Rio, in the summer of 2014—to better enable our North Bay Area habit. We love hiking, kayaking & canoeing, beaches, good food, wine & beer—to have all that in as friendly a spot as the community around the Russian River we think makes it a pretty perfect place.

It’s been amazing to have a chance to get to know the area even better—and best of all to have the opportunity to share our local “discoveries” with friends and family who join us on our visits, and with the folks who rent our home when we’re not there. This blog offers us another way to share some of the great stuff we’ve learned about this beautiful area. We hope that we can pass along some ideas for special places to go and fun things to do, as well as some tips on how to get the most out of a visit to the North Bay.

We can’t wait to keep exploring—and sharing.

Heather & John, Ananda co-owners



Sun shines through a wind chime on Ananda’s front porch.