Fall for flowers in Healdsburg

If you haven’t had time to stop and smell the roses lately, here’s a chance to do it all in one go at the Russian Tea & Fragrance Festival.

The event takes place in the gardens of the Russian River Rose Company, a nursery near Healdsburg that grows more than 650 rose varieties.

In Full Bloom: And this isn’t even the main garden.

A festival celebrating flowers seems like it should take place in springtime—April showers, May flowers, and all that—but early autumn in the Bay Area offers some of the best weather, for visits and for flowers. September and October days here are often cloudless, and usually sunny and warm, but not too hot.

The Russian Tea & Fragrance Festival makes the most of gorgeous early fall, taking place outdoors in the gardens of the Rose Company.

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The event features live Russian and Eastern European-inspired music, informative exhibits about scent and roses.

You can enjoy tea in the rose gardens and also find out what’s in the future with a magical tea leaf reading.

When we visited the festival last year, one of the things we enjoyed most was the chance to stroll through rose gardens, which still offered plenty of blooms to sniff. The Rose Company offers open gardens periodically and this event will be the last open garden of the year.

And we got in some exercise and dessert at the same time: we took turns helping in a demonstration where we got to hand-churn some delicious fresh rose sorbet.


If you visit

The 2018 Russian Tea & Fragrance Festival takes place Oct 6 and 7, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission is $5 per person

Get details about the 2018 tea and fragrance festival

The Russian River Rose Company also holds events throughout the spring and fall.


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