A walk in the neighborhood

It’s always fun to see friends and family, and one among us has been known to relish the fully booked weekend, chock-full of parties or visits with friends, dinners with family, or just a day-long hike we’ve planned. Perhaps, ideally, all of the above.

But sometimes the best weekend days are lazy ones, with no plans, no deadlines and nowhere pressing that we have to be. It was on such a Sunday that that photo was taken—just out for a stroll around the house. The roads in the neighborhood don’t see a lot of traffic, allowing for a relaxing walk right down the middle of the street.

Going for a quiet afternoon stroll in the “wilds” of Monte Rio.

2 thoughts on “A walk in the neighborhood

    1. Thanks for your comment! About half the photos on this blog so far were taken with an iPhone 5s—including this photo. (Some of the pics in the post about Russian Gulch Beach were taken with a Samsung Galaxy 5).


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